Location Shoots

Once every couple months we will be offering shoots in premium locations where the cost of the venue is split between a few clients.

These shoots are called Gold Locations and we hope you will come to shoot and enjoy the lavishness of your surroundings and photos as the end result. The package pricing stays the same only each site will have additional charges based on the cost to secure the location. It may also include an on site MU Artist and a special light tech and or asst..

Below are some exsamples of locations. Prices for the locations will vary seasonally so I cannot include pricing here but when a shoot is announced the total cost for our lowest priced package ($400) plus gold location add-ons will be in the announcement. 

These shoots will have limited time slots available ( usually 3 to 8 max) and don't last long. To hold a time slot a 50% deposit will be needed to secure your spot. Balance due upon arrival to shoot and in rare occasions the day before.

We look forward to shooting you in GOLD fashion very soon.