Illuminating Today's Multifaceted Woman!

I am sure many wonder (as does my family at times) how does a straight women in her mid 50s decide that taking photos of half naked...ok... sometime all naked her life's passion?


Well having always been confused, intrigued, saddened, and down right appalled at times at how we as women are suppose to be everything from the Virgin Mary, to a super mom, to the the sex goddess all during the course of a single day and all in one person. I knew helping women feel pretty, sexy or empowered and many times all three could be so rewarding. Why so rewarding? Well consider this... the sex goddess part is something that is revered and yet put down, many times in the same breath. Its no wonder our self esteem takes hits and even outright crumbles from time to time (and for some... all the time). We as women are always trying to be "daddy's little girl" and you know "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL" {wink} if you get my drift.

I suppose I have always had a more continental or European outlook and view of our roles as women and about sex in general, not to mention growing up in the heart of the women's liberation movement. So in spite of a half Luthern and half Catholic upbringing I have always viewed the human body, both male and female as beautiful in all it's facets, shapes and purposes. Our bodies (with our brains) in general are for survival of a species, utility as movement, birthing machines aka makers of joy, seekers of free will pleasures, and of course I feel bodies are a work of Art.

I have never felt the traditional pull of puritanism like many. I suppose I have always been a bit brazen. I am an artist in my soul and a self described free spirit in many respects. BTW...I don't mean free spirit in the insulting way many use it to say someone is irresponsible or not grown up. I mean that I find the beauty in many many things and love helping others see it too. I mean I see the pulchritude in multiple perspectives, I see life as ever changing and enlightening experience it is.

So back to the subject...this is how it became my passion. I felt if I could show others and in most cases the woman herself what I see when when a women is in her natural and or enhanced form of sensual self, by enhanced I mean wearing the outfits or in surroundings or by just shear determination have helped convince her mind to overcome inhibition or low self esteem, then art, passion and beauty have conspired to make something great! They can learn sensual or sexy can be elegant if they wish or that it can be what ever they perceive it to be. They can learn that sexy is a feeling not something you do or the media sells or someone else tells you it is. Then that feeling illuminates the photo causing it's viewer to feel something too.

So That's a little insight into who I am and how I got here. Feel free to tell me about you.

I want you to to be entertained, informed and inspired by coming here. So check back often or subscribe.


This being my first entry into this blog and because I already have galleries where I have my work here on my sight I thought in this first blog I would share some images that inspire me.

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