For Now



We are launching the first phase of   Soigne' Productions .   

Video Adverts up to 30 seconds in length starting at only $50.

These new "Advert Videos" are design to go on your social media sites , website and places you advertise.

They are meant to quickly catch the eye of potential clients, and entice them to want to find out more about you.

Stats show that people are 74% more likely to look at a post or ad that has video. The use of the longer "Day or Evening in the life of" style video for providers is down. They were primarily used for the shear purpose to convince clients you are attractive and sexy once the have already found your ad. These videos done in a high quality manner can cost upward of $2000.


Our "Advert Videos" are designed and concept born to bring video to folks who cannot spend the big bucks as they say. Look at these with fresh eyes. Think of these as video banners or even a short television commercial.


Stats also show that in this fast pace world especially the digital world you have approximately 2-3 seconds to get your potential clients attention. The goal grab and keep their attention for up to a half minute and entice them to go find out more. These are also meant to make you stand out from the crowd with out have to break the bank.

With package like :


1 video 1/ 22-30 sec for $50


 3 video 1/30 sec 2 8-15 sec $100


4 video 2/22-30 sec and 2/8-15 $250


* length of videos are approximate with 1 to 2 sec.


Here's a few samples recently perchased.






























With the methods we reaching our clients ever evolving and changing,  we as an industry have to get on board with these new methods. We have to think outside the box to attract attract and gain the attention of potential clients. 


These videos can be used on your websites, on You Tube, on Twitter. Meta tag them for search engine optimization.


Phase Two of this roll out will be more envolved with distinct customization but with cost more. But all and all in the Renee Soigne Tradition we are trying to keep it real for you ladies.!


Contact us today and let us show you how these can work for you. 832 969 5341